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"Star Couple" Bundle | Name Two Stars Orbiting Each Other (FREE Vacation Included)


A bunch of flowers last roughly a week. A box of chocolates? A day. Have two twin stars orbiting each other and named after both of you? 10 billion years!!!

You and your special loved one can be together forever in the midnight sky. You will both have your very own star named after each of you, but not just any stars, stars which sit right next to each other in the constellation!

This is an extremely unique gift, perfect to show the love of your life how much they mean to you. Every time they gaze into the night sky they will be pleasantly reminded of the bond between you both! If you're lucky enough to own a telescope you may even be able to see your stars directly! A star map is provided to help you pinpoint their exact location! Cool, huh?

A year of love and passion with all the ups and downs. The next anniversary is to be celebrated in a special way, but it still lacks the appropriate gift. After all, it should not only be a nice gesture but also express the meaning of the relationship.

"What could be more beautiful than perpetuating the love in the universe? With a look into the starry sky, your favorite person can recognize your boundless affection."

Only Constellation Stars make it even more personal. Why not match the special occasion to an astrological date or a loved one’s horoscope!

What You Get With "Star Couple" Bundle

  • Two real stars next to each other as they appear in the sky OFFICIALLY named
  • Two personalized star name Certificates of Registry in a top-quality custom made imported light walnut finish solid wood frames and blue Lapis color mattes each in an 11" x 14" size
  • Two Instructional letters
  • Two Star charts/Skymaps showing the location of the stars you name
  • BONUS #1: Two Plainsphere charts
  • BONUS #2: Two Software CDs to find your stars on a computer
  • BONUS #3: 10% OFF With All Future Purchases
  • BONUS #4: $200 Restaurant Voucher For The Perfect Date Night
  • BONUS #5: Complimentary 6-Nights/5-Days Vacation ON US! 


Get "Star Couple" Bundle Today and get a complimentary 6-Days/5-Nights vacation in Cancun, MX on us! 

You will receive confirmation email and redemption instructions within 48 business hours from your order. 

* You will receive your complimentary vacation within 48 hours after completing the order. Your vacation can be used anytime in the next 18 months. You will be responsible for paying the taxes/resort fee to receive it (just $19.45 per night). Your information is secure and will not be shared.


What is a Star Name?

With billions of stars in our galaxy alone, very few of them have commonly used names, such as Polaris, the North Star. Astronomers refer to stars by telescopic coordinates or catalog numbers, not names. These unnamed stars are available in Star Catalog. Your star is only named once by us and it will remain exclusive to you in our catalog in perpetuity.

Is there any limitation to what I can name my star?

Some people use full names, some people use first names, some people use nicknames and some people use two names. It can be anything. The only real limitation is that the name must be 39 or fewer letters long. This is another way how to buy a star for two people - using two names.

What is the dedication date?

The dedication date is any special date that you want on your certificate. It can be a birth date, marriage date, anniversary, Christmas Day, you name it. If you're stuck for a special date it can always be the date that you purchased the star. Don't worry about how to buy a star if you don't have a special date, use today.