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"Sweethearts" Bundle | 60-Min Couples Massage + Cooking Classes Chicago


You can only go to so many restaurants in your area before dinner dates get boring and repetitive. The same goes for going to the movies. While the movie is always different, the process is always the same. best couples massage Chicago

Getting the best couples massage Chicago can offer allows you and your partner to beat the repetition and mix things up a little. Sharing new experiences like this is what being a couple is all about. It's important to try out activities and find new things that you like doing together.  best couples massage Chicago
cooking classes chicago couples massage chicago

You'll enjoy more intimacy together after the massage then you probably have in months. If you have the same experience that many couples do, you may end up having to take yours after massage dinner to-go. 

cooking classes chicago couples massage chicago

“Date night” is a great way long-time couples stay connected within their relationship; it’s a time to focus on you + me = we. A very popular date night trend right now is couples cooking classes, where recipes for relationship romance and cooking creativity are explored.

Cooking classes Chicago not only build delicious meals – but they could also build stronger relationships and transform the way you order and what you order when restaurant dining.

cooking classes chicago couples massage chicago

By booking a "Sweethearts" Bundle, not only you are getting a 60-Min Couples Massage sessionand 1 Couples Cooking Class in Chicago, IL, but you also get $200 in restaurant vouchers, and a Complimentary 5-Night Vacation in Cancun, Mexico.* 

This is a limited time offer, take advantage of it now - we have a limited amount of vacations we can give away! 

After you place an order - our little robots will start working on booking and confirming a 60-Minutes Couple Massage Session, and 1 Couples Cooking Master Class session. This deal is for Chicago, IL ONLY

You will receive confirmation email and redemption instructions within 48 business hours from your order. All bookings must be for at least 7 days in advance. 

* You will receive your complimentary vacation within 48 hours after completing the order. Your vacation is can be used anytime in the next 18 months. You will be responsible to pay the taxes/resort fee to receive it (just $19.45 per night). Your information is secure and will not be shared.

couples cooking classes chicago couples massage chicago